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Paint by numbers for adult step by step!

Posted by Albert Chui on
Paint by numbers for adult step by step!

How it works

The paint container and canvas are both marked with the same numbers.

Apply the paint number (14) to the corresponding number (14) on the canvas.

Continue to apply all the paint with the corresponding numbers on the canvas.

Once all the paint is applied, your painting will be complete.

Before getting started

  • Pick a comfortable spot where you have plenty of space for all the equipment (included in every kit).
  • A cup of warm water with mild soap is to clean brush in between color changes.  Paper towel is handy for any spills or to dampen the brush.
  • Stir your paint before applying. NO water add is needed unless the paint is too thick or dry, then add in a drop of water and mix

Helpful Tips

  • Paint the smallest areas first, then the medium-sized, followed by the largest areas.
  • Paint the whole painting with a single color before moving on to the next one.
  • Start painting from the top and work your way down to try and prevent any smudges from your bumping the wet paint.
  • Let the painted area dry at least 10 minutes before moving on to the next color.
  • Rinse and clean your paintbrush and move on to the next number until all sections are painted.
  • Make sure to close the paints when not in use to prevent drying out.
  • Light color might need more paint to cover the number.

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