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All kits are custom printed & packed in our Los Angeles warehouse.
Proudly Made in USA ! We are dedicated to use US materials !
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Proudly Made in USA

Custom Printed in our Los Angeles warehouse and we are dedicate to use US materials.

Non-Toxic Acrylic

Product safety is essential to our customers. We use premium artist acrylic which conforms to ASTM D-4236.

Free Shipping

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Fantastic quality paint by numbers. Ordered another two canvas from this seller. Thank you.

Clear numbering on the canvas, and there is a sheet of the painting with the numbers to help in case one paints over the numbers and can't tell which color should cover up a certain area. I am enjoying working on it at leisure.

This is the second time I bought from hem. They provide are of high quality , and all the brushes and pigments I need are included in the products. I am very satisfied with this shopping experience.

Time consuming - but relaxing time. I have not finished the picture, but have been enjoying painting. It is very relaxing and helps to relieve stress.